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In 1708-1709 Hetman Ivan Mazepa led the Cossacks to fight alongside Sweden's King Charles XII in the Swedish king's war with Russia's Peter I.But the Swedes and Cossacks lost, and Peter destroyed the hetman's capital and the hetmanate itself.This led to a new ruling state with the hetman as leader and a tumultuous relationship with Russia in order to fight Poland.There was also a treaty signed with Muscovy in 1654 to help protect against invaders.After Khmelnytsky died in 1657, Ukraine's position weakened and it was eventually betrayed by its ally, Russia, who entered into an agreement with Poland which divided Ukraine between Russia and Poland.Ukraine often tried to loosen the grip of Russia and Poland.Jaroslav divided his kingdom among his sons with the idea that the eldest hold a position of seniority in maintaining unity, but Kiev declined as the political and economic center of Ukraine as each principality lived almost autonomously.Eventually Kiev fell to the Mongols in 1240, under Ogodei Khan and Batu, the latter being the grandson of Genghis.

The Slavs made their way into the Balkans in the early seventh century A. By the middle of the ninth century, however, what was to become known as Kievan Rus was still relatively underdeveloped.These men were free, as opposed to the serfs of the sixteenth century, and organized to fend off marauding Tatars.

I usually used Gparted like in Puppeee on a flash drive to do a check on full drive which would usually fix the drive again. I made a system recovery cd on usb, couldn't boot, but did run memtest and it said it was ok. Also I found out about ultimate boot cd, and will be trying that later. f=14&t=3302 If I get this sorted, it's going to make one hell of a wiki post somewhere!… continue reading »

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